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Sleeping Coconuts - John and Bonnie Nystrom

Sleeping Coconuts - John and Bonnie Nystrom

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Peter looked up and saw the first of three consecutive waves, each over 30 feet high, throwing up a huge cloud of mist as it enveloped a friend's house and threw it into the lagoon like a piece of driftwood. He then turned toward his own neighborhood in time to witness the massive wave breaking, completely submerging houses, tall coconut trees, everything. As it rushed toward their defenseless canoe, he watched the wave pluck his own house from the ground like a blade of grass, and sweep it high, carrying it on its peak.

In "Sleeping Coconuts," John and Bonnie Nystrom share their story of tragedy, teamwork and transformation. They also show the incredible way that God used a tsunami to change the face of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea.

  • 8.5”x6”
  • 253 pages including front and back covers

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